sobota, 24 czerwca 2017

Where to eat in Warsaw tasty. Interesting places. Culinary journey.

This post is dedicated to my new friends from Angloville.
Tastes and smells are an important part of any trip.
I would like to invite you on a culinary journey through Warsaw.  I will share with you with some of the best places to eat in my town. There are many places in Warsaw where you can eat. I chose those that are special.

First stop: For breakfast I recommend CHARLOTTE. My favorites things are their french omelette and fresh juices. You can also have pastries, baguettes, croissants.

Next stop: You should   go to CUKIERNIA PAWŁOWICZ. I recommend the pączek which is like beignets  or donate. Polish people eat them on Fathy Thursday, the Thursday before  Lent begins. It is our version of Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday.

Next stop is at "Bar Ząbkowski" for lunch. It is a traditional milk bar from communist period. Where you can get Polish food e.g  flaczki  - tripe soup and pork schnitzel, we call it schabowy.

Bar Ząbkowski 

 Praga Północ  district

Next stop "Pijalnia Czekolady" Wedel. Chocolate caffe. Famous chocolate shop since 1851. You can buy a lot of chocolate souvenirs e.g  torcik wedlowski and many different  kinds of truffles. Also you can sit at the table and drink hot or cold chocolate with different flavors.

Front door 

Next stop Doppio Cuore the best italien restaurant in Warsaw. You can eat the best pizza. It is an authentic Italien restaurant because the owner is Italien. I was recently there. The palce seems to be empty but pizza still is the best.

This is the end of our journey, but you can easily visit most of these places in one day, because they are  close to each other.


Enjoy your trip.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.

Thank you Liz for your help <3